September 2018

Wroclaw was our planned first big destination in Poland and after parking the van by a lovely park close to the botanical garden, we had a really nice cycle into the city, we followed the park on one side all the way and over a pretty bridge into the centre. We cycled alongside the river, past a number of dramatic brick buildings before arriving into the main attraction, the very impressive Market square. The town hall building is absolutely amazing and there’s a very impressive market building too. the whole square is stunning with all the different coloured buildings side by side but the place is dominated by that huge unique Gothic style town hall, this is one of the main landmarks of the city built in the 13th century. There are also many churches, an impressive tower and a Cathedral to wonder around.

As always the square was a hive of activity with street performers to keep you entertained day and night, ranging from bubble blowers for the kids to undiscovered beautiful voices, of various musicians. Although all this was spectacular, the highlight for us by far in Wroclaw was the gnomes! There are hundreds dotted around the city and its awesome to wonder around spotting them. You can pick up a map from the tourist information if you like and go on a proper gnome hunt!

The following day we spent chilling out and enjoying the parks and botanical garden area near to where we had parked the van, so lovely to walk around and see all the flowers in full bloom this time of year. That evening we though it would be nice to have a little cheeky evening out in the city, we enjoyed a few very reasonable priced beers and went for a wonder about to see the city by night, the street performers were incredible and we particularly enjoyed the fire breathers and dancers. A really entertaining but relaxed city break.

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