Who are the exPAWers?

Nick, Sarah, Dizzee and Charlie...

We're Nick and Sarah, a couple originally from the UK who relocated to Southern Andalucia, Spain over 15 years ago. With our 2 little dogs, Dizzee and Charlie, we're the exPAWers! (explorers with paws)  #vanlife.

We share an addiction for travel and exploring new places as well as a passion for creative film making and are on an endless adventure to travel the world by van.. Our home on wheels and vessel for travel is currently a tiny camper van named 'Vinny', a 31 year old Ford Transit.
We've been documenting our adventures every step of the way through Photography, blogs and short films showing what this beautiful world has to offer and hopefully inspiring others to get out there, to travel and explore too.

We share the ups and downs, laughter and frowns, epic fails and wagging tails!  Join us on our non stop adventure as we plan to drive around the world, starting with Europe. We hope to show everyone how its done, or not done in some cases! And remember; Anything is Possible!

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What we driving?

Vinny is a Ford Transit 2.5d, high top from 1991, with a Reimo camper conversion, he may be a little rough around the edges, but for a 31 year old he looks great. We've had him for 5 years now and visited over 25 countries and apart from a bit of ware and tare, he hasn't let us down (fingers crossed there!) We love him and he's an awesome little camper van. We named him Vinny as he's vintage and he's a diesel, full name is Vin Diesel, shortened to Vinny!

Since owning Vinny we've spruced him up a little and are constantly doing little upgrades to make him that little bit more homely and always ready for adventure, one of the biggest jobs was probably the patchwork seat covers, hand stitched to the actual seat using recycled materials and old funky clothes. If the seat gets ripped or fades in anyway, we can just stitch another patch over the top, totally unique. We've also added lots of colour throughout with our bright sofa throws, rugs, colourful van-made curtains and blinds and even gave him a few tattoos, he has definitely got a lot of character!

the channel

We decided to start a YouTube channel as its the perfect platform to share our love of creative film making. Our aim with our channel is to hopefully inspire others through our short films to travel and live an alternative lifestyle which is what we are very passionate about. click here to go to our channel!

We've documented all of the highlights from our trips by making short creative films to show some of the best places to visit around Europe when travelling by van and share what its like to live full time in a very small van with our 2 dogs whist travelling around multiple countries.. The highs, the lows, the do's and the don'ts! 

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