Nick, Sarah, Dizzee and Charlie…..

A couple and 2 dogs who love to travel and explore new places. Home is in Southern Andalucia, Spain and we are on an endless adventure to travel the world by van.. Our home on wheels and vessel for travel is currently a tiny camper van named ‘Vinny’, a 29 year old Ford Transit with plenty of character.

We have been documenting our adventures every step of the way through Photography, blogs and creative short films showing what this beautiful world has to offer and hopefully inspire others to travel and explore too.

We will share the ups and downs, laughter and frowns, epic fails and wagging tails!

Hope you can join us on our Amazing journey, so stay tuned…

We fell in love with van life after our first experience in Australia more than 10 years ago, we arrived there with only our backpacks after travelling Asia for a year. We bought an old panel van to make into our new home whist we worked and travelled around Australia for almost 2 years, it was the most basic set up with no onboard kitchen and no solar panels or running water, but ‘Gretal’ the 1988 Nisan Urvan became our first home on wheels! We also ventured over to New Zealand and as we only had 6 weeks there, we made a station wagon into our home whilst we travelled across the whole country.

After returning to Europe we were hooked and had definitely caught the travel bug.. It was then time to find a base, work hard, save all we could and start planning for the next big adventure.

After unexpectedly rescuing 2 little dogs that had been abandoned in Spain, we knew that the way to travel for the foreseeable future would definitely have to be by van which suited us just fine!

We have put together some cute puppy footage, old and new, to share our boys story from rescue pups to travelling dogs……