September 2018

The Queen of Austria is definitely Vienna and after leaving Bratislava, this was our next destination. Its only about an hour and a half drive between the 2 capitals and we were excited to see Vienna after spending some time in the west part of the country on our way north earlier in the trip.

We found a really good place to park and stay whilst exploring Vienna, a small grassy carpark  in amongst the trees, next to a horse riding school, surrounded by some beautiful picturesque parks. Its 8km from the centre and a fabulous half hour bicycle ride in. This made it the perfect location for us. We were the only campers there, this is always nice as we feel if there is too many vans, the locals might not be too happy with us spending the night.

We enjoyed the Parks and the surrounding areas in the morning, taking the boys for a good run around. We decided to leave the boys in the van for the afternoon while we went off to explore Vienna, its a big city and they get so tired walking around all day. there was plenty of shade so although it was a lovely sunny day, the boys would keep cool in the van.

We headed off, just before lunch and were immediately overwhelmed with how beautiful the cycle track into the city was, we had a quick look earlier so we knew it was nice, but it was actually perfect, a long straight, flat road, only for bikes/roller skaters and runners, with walking tracks by the side and surrounded by lush fields, some sports fields and lots of woodland. This continued the whole journey right into the centre. Once you reach the centre the city is very bike friendly pretty much everywhere you go.

We toured around visiting many of the impressive buildings that we had made notes of. We were just amazed at the sheer size of Vienna and the amount of grand, regal buildings is something else. Cathedrals, Palaces, Huge Archways, churches and more statues than we had ever seen in our lives. It feels so powerful and just full of history. The main areas are alive with activity and tourists wondering around in awe, the high end shops, up market cafes and bars are exquisite  and the whole city centre is just a sight to behold.

We were very impressed with the Hofburg Palace, this is a ridiculously huge, grand building, with lots of different sections. We wondered around in utter disbelief at its sheer size and immensity. In the vicinity of the Palace, there’s the great Museum and grand historic Library, just to name a few, all of which are such powerful buildings themselves.

We also loved the Hundertwasserhaus, this is Vienna’s Architectural highlight in our opinion and is a very uniquely designed, unusual, colourful building set amongst the almost colourless grand buildings that surround it, the designer had something against straight lines and the whole building is a mismatch of styles and curves throughout.

Probable our favourite part of the city was along by the river, here there’s a totally different vibe, kind of urban with lots of graffiti artwork, sculptures, funky bars, colourful buildings, its like stepping into a different city compared to the grandness surrounding it. A much more relaxed, easygoing vibe going on, a great place to escape the fast paced upmarket Vienna with a beer and soaking up the atmosphere. We enjoyed the music and the buzz of the folks around us doing the same thing, a really great, diverse atmosphere day and night.

Coordinates of where we stayed; 48.1908 16.438299

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