June 2018

Instead of exploring the South of France Coast, worried it would be a bit busy this time of year, We decide to head inland to the Verdon National Park in search of the nice lakes and the beautiful Gorges which it is famous for. We were definitely not disappointed with our decision!

Our first stop was Quinson, a small town with a spectacular lake and an even more spectacular gorge. The water is crystal clear and bluer than blue. It looks ever so inviting before you dip your toe in and realise how utterly freezing cold it actually is! We stayed at an amazing free camping spot in Quinson right by the lake, a short walk into town and the beautiful Gorge.

In the morning when the lake was stunningly calm and quiet, we took the kayak and set out with the boys to explore the Gorge. Its such an amazing kayaking spot and the flowing current takes you along the Gorge nicely without much effort at all. The boys kitted out in their little life jackets seemed to enjoy the ride, except Charlie was a little distracted by the ducks! We drifted along the Gorge for a while taking in the breathtaking views before heading back to the van for lunch.

Later that afternoon Nick and I went on a walk, where your get a fabulous view of the Gorge from above and is equally as stunning as being in the kayak. After exploring further and walking inland from the Gorge (not really knowing where we were going) we continued and  came across many steps going up, we ended up climbing right up the mountain, 300 steps to be precise, a very maintained walkway with several other walks all around the area.

Coordinates to the free lakeside camp spot; (43.697498 6.03849)

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The following morning we left Quinson to explore the National Park further, We had a pretty coffee stop overlooking the picturesque town of Salles-Sur-Verdon, then after crossing the lake and a little further on we came across the main touristy Gorge in the area. After lunch our journey continued though the Park and the drive was absolutely magnificent all the way to the town of Verdon. The road climbs up the mountain and then follows the Gorge down below with sheer drops and awesome views in both directions. the drive took quite some time as we had to keep stopping to take it all in and to take lots of photos. Quite amazing how they had made this road etched into the cliff side overlooking the beautiful Gorge, a few hundred meters below.

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After reaching Verdon, a pretty but touristy little town, we continued further and stayed the night in the tiny town of Trigance, a cute little place with a medieval castle built into the top of the cliffs, overlooking the quaint town.