We absolutely love cooking in our tiny home and although we only have a small kitchen and a 2 burner hob, we can cook most things and love to challenge ourselves. We don’t have much food storage area in the van and so we cook mainly with simple and ‘what we have in the cupboard ingredients’ Its always fun to make something delicious from not much at all! Below are recipe’s we have cooked and shared videos on over the last year and we will continue to add to these to give you some inspiration and ideas for cooking in your camper.

We are also in the process of creating a cookbook which will be available to download later this year, lots of delicious, healthy van made meals all in one eBook!

Sweet Potato and Spinach Curry

A quick and easy vegan one pot curry, this is a great healthy tasty warming dish, simple ingredients and all in one pot, we love sweet potatoes and they go great in a curry, with spinach, onions, tomatoes, chickpeas and a few spices this is a super simple tasty dish.


This really simple recipe using yellow split peas instead of traditional chickpea falafels with just a few other simple ingredients is great to make on the road and they bake fabulously oil free in the ridge monkey or can be fried up quickly in a pan.

Raisin Cookies 

We actually made these cookies kind of by mistake! But they turned out so delicious and baking them in the ridge monkey was simple and quick. the perfect way to have homemade cookies in your van when you don´t have an oven.

Meat Free Burgers

who doesn’t love burgers? One of our favourite things to make inside and outside the van! So many different ingredients can be used for meat free burgers, watch the video to see 3 different really simple delicious burger recipes including curried soya bean and red pepper, thai sweet potato and tuna and a super simple lentil and chickpea burger. Yum!

Fish and Chips

for some reason, we just really had a craving for fish and chips, perhaps it was the rainy weather we were having at the time, it reminded us of being back home in the UK! So off we went to the supermarket and got the few simple ingredients we needed to create our own fish and chips from the van.


This is a really simple version of Paella which we quite often cook on the road, we made it with some simple seafood, but can quite easily be adapted into a vegan dish (which is how we often make it) Living in Spain we have had so many paellas and they do vary a lot, we were very happy with how our simple version turned out.


As we were travelling through Italy at the time, we decided we would have ago at making our own Pizzas from scratch….With no oven in the van is was exciting to see how they would turn out in the ridge monkey and we were so impressed with how great they did.