May 2018

We followed co-ordinates that we’d been given by someone who recommended the area and on arrival we had the choice of several dirt track bumpy roads.

We had no idea where the Thermal Pools might be and after venturing down one of the bumpy roads we were forced to turn back as the road was waterlogged and we were afraid we may get stuck.  We reversed back to find a lovely spot on flat ground where we set up camp.

We planned to go off on our bikes to find the thermal pools but heavy rain stopped us, keeping us in the van for several hours. We finally got to ventured out with the boys an hour before sunset and after a beautiful walk with an amazing stormy sunset sky, we called it a night and headed back to the van deciding it would be best to find the pools in the morning on our bikes to cover more ground.

After Breakfast the following day, we headed off in search of the pools. The whole area is amazing for mountain biking and after lots of fun up and down bumpy dirt track hills we came across the pools.

The pools are not touristy, quite the opposite in fact, its more like a hippy hangout. Seems to be many full time campers living here in their vans. The first pool we came across, we dipped our toes in and were amazed by the temperature, we knew they were going to be warm, but the water was in fact very hot, like a hot bath…. We continued on and came across a prettier second pool with nobody around, wasting no time, we got right in and enjoyed having the pool all to ourselves. With the hot sun beating down on us and the temperature of the water, it was quite a surreal experience. We bathed for a while enjoying the pools and surroundings before heading off to see what else we could find.

A little further there is several other bathing areas, equally as stunning with small waterfalls and shaded in amongst the trees. We spent sometime here exploring around the pools before heading back on the bumpy mountain bike tracks just in time to miss the afternoon thunderstorms and rain that seem to be the norm this time of year.

coordinates to the area; (37.16552569,-3.7532875)

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