Our Little Spanish Home!

We bought our little Spanish house in 2010 after returning from a 3 year long travel and working adventure over in Asia and Australasia. The plan was to buy a base down in southern Spain, fix it up ourselves whilst working and saving all we could for the next big travel adventure.

We got the house for a very reasonable price as it needed completely renovating including rewiring and plumbing. With no experience whatsoever and not a lot of money left after we bought the house, we managed to do the majority of work ourselves and make an old Spanish house into our unique colourful home. It took us about 2 years altogether from start to finish whist also working full time jobs.

After living out of backpacks in Asia, to a small panel van in Australia (for almost 2 years) and a station wagon in New Zealand, we were use to roughing it and living without the everyday creature comforts. This helped us hugely when we moved into the house, as we didn’t have any running water for quite some time, it was like a building site for the first 6 to 8 months and we lived in one small room whilst we slowly got the rest of the house renovated.

The hard work, dusty days and living in rouble paid off in the end as we saved thousands of euros doing the work ourselves, we made a little house tour style video if you are interested in having a look around;

Although we spend more time travelling and living in our van nowadays, its really good to have a base in Andalucia, we really love the area, the climate, the culture and the relaxed vibe of Spanish village life. The house has paid for itself now as we got it for a bargain price, did all the work ourselves and lived rent free for all the years we’ve owed it, we paid for the house out right with no mortgage, we managed this by working really long hours and saving every penny whist living rent and bill free in our first campervan in Australia.