After having the van thoroughly searched at the border and then finding out the fuel was the most expensive in Europe, (we forgot to fill up before crossing the border!) it wasn’t the best start to Switzerland but we thought; things could only get better….

After stopping off quickly to visit a beautiful Chateau on the shores of lake Geneva we headed into the mountains. As we had a limit of only 6 months to get to the Arctic Circle and northern Norway and back down to southern Spain we could only spend a couple of days driving across Switzerland.

This is a country we will be definitely coming back to though. It’s everything you imagine it to be, beautiful wooden ornate churches with a back drop of jaw dropping snow capped mountains, pine forests, lush green fields and bright blue lakes and rivers.

Unfortunately though it was very difficult to find somewhere to free camp so after the first day we found ourselves driving into a residential area to find a quiet corner to hide out in. There were literally signs saying no overnight parking everywhere.

On our second day we visited the medieval city of Lucern with its amazing covered bridges that crossed the ferocious river and had a nice surprise with an awesome retro bus and car show.

We left Switzerland that day but decided to briefly pop back to see the incredible Rhine falls, a mini Niagara with nice viewing platforms which enables you to get really close to the water, it was actually way better than we thought and we ended up staying for several hours, a must see if you are ever in the area.