We were very excited to arrive in Northern Sweden and we made it, our main goal for the trip; The Arctic Circle, it was great to reach the famous Arctic Circle sign and having achieved this mammoth drive, kinda on schedule too surprisingly, we headed into the wilderness to find somewhere nice to chill out for a few days.

After moving on from our beautiful river stop we continued north to Jukkajarvi and had the opportunity to visit the amazing Ice Hotel, a very unique experience, but we decided to pass on spending the night!

We finally saw the midnight sun with a clear sky and only a few days to spare on the edge of the stunning Abisko National Park, this was the main reason we had been rushing up to the Arctic Circle to witness the sun not actually go down!

We spent a few days in the Abisko National Park, making the most of the 24 hour days, enjoying midnight hikes and soaking in the Arctic waterfalls, before stocking up on groceries and crossing the border into Norway.

We arrived back into Sweden after our Northern Norway adventure, it was time to explore the south. The drive from Trondheim into Sweden was amazing and as we continued through Sweden South, it was like we had the whole country to ourselves, the scenery was wild and vast and we felt very much like we were in the middle of nowhere for quite sometime before reaching our first little town to pick up supplies.

We visited the incredible cathedral at Uppsalla on our way to Stockholm where we had a quick tour on a very cloudy day before continuing down to the incredible broken coastline.

After a small hiccup in the middle of nowhere, and waiting around to get rescued, we continued our journey south and onto the stone circle, the very southern tip of Sweden and it felt like the end of the world!