September 2018

We were heading towards the Slovensky Raj national park next and on the way we stopped at the Spis Castle, we had researched and found out, it was the most photographed place in Slovakia and one of the biggest castles, by land mass in Europe, so worth having a look. As we arrived, the weather changed grey and it started to rain, which cleared the carpark from almost full to empty in no time. We hung around in the van and waited for the rain to stop before heading out to take a closer look at the castle.

At 16 euros, we thought it was a little overpriced to go inside, so we just admired it from the walls and surrounding area. We climbed a hill opposite the castle for stunning views back and with the overcast stormy sky it looked pretty awesome. On the way back down to the van we spotted a couple of foxes, its always nice to see some wildlife when were out looking around.

We drove to the walled town of Levoca to spend the night and found a lovey spot, right outside the old, very well preserved medieval town walls to sleep. The next morning we went for a wonder around the town, we enjoyed the crisscross cobbled stone alleyways which led to an attractive old square, the highlight being the magnificent church of saint Jacob. But what made the morning for us, was the old and new Mercedes car show on in town, a great little bonus and fabulous to see all the shiny vintage cars, some of which were from the 1940’s and in absolute mint condition. Definitely a good little stop on our way to the national park.

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