September 2018

After leaving Wroclaw, we went on a Castle hunt, there are so many to choose from all over Poland but for now we just stuck to the ones which were not too much of a detour from our rough route. We wanted to see more authentic Castles that hadn’t been too modernised and changed into boutique hotels for example.

After quite a drive through uneventful scenery, we were happy to see hills start to rise up again on the horizon. The first Castle we visited was Zamek Bobolice, a small typical fairy tale looking Castle perched on a hill with amazing surrounds, we took a wonder around and found out that there are underground tunnels leading from this castle to the next one around a km away containing lots of buried treasures! It was getting late in the day, so we would carry on with the Castle hunt the following morning.

We found a a great place to park the van, and spend the night in a carpark with a large grassy area where there were picnicking benches and nice big trees down the far end, an awesome place for running, playing Frisbee and letting the boys have a good run. The carpark is right across the road from Zamek Mirow, a nice but very run down castle. We slept well here and spent the morning feeling very relaxed and content before heading over to check out the ruin of a castle, It again had lovely surrounds and we enjoyed a nice walk around the whole area before heading off on search of our 3rd Castle.

Next up was Zamek Ogrodzieniec. This was very impressive and probable our favourite out of the 3, perched up on the rocks in beautiful surrounds, there’s a fantastic walkway all the way around the castle walls and some other walks if you have time from the castle grounds, we didn’t go inside, but from the outside looking in, its pretty impressive. The whole area of these Castles that runs between Wroclaw and Krakow is fantastic and there are Castles dotted all over, if we had more time we definitely would have liked to see alot more of them.

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