August 2018

We arrived in Salzburg late in the day and were a little worried about finding a place to camp for the night as its always a little trickier in a city, especially in the high season. But we found a spot by some lakes north, west of the city. The small lakes are really lovely, each with different purposes, there’s a beautiful swimming lake with a huge, really well maintained grassy area to relax and sunbath which also has nice showers and toilets. there is a fishing lake, with pretty surrounds and there’s a nature reserve lake too. They all have lush surroundings and plenty of paths, cycle tracks, and walkways in between, there is even a dog park, that the boys had a great run around in! And to top it all off there is a fantastic cycle track from the lakes, along riverside into the city. And you can use all of the lakes free of charge. We stayed in the carpark to the lakes and it was fantastic for a couple of days relaxing and cooling down.

We headed into Salzburg on our bikes leaving the boys and the van parked in the shaded carpark. We spent the morning exploring this beautiful city. Its dominated by Baroque architecture, a wonderful pedestrianised centre and a relaxed Promenade running along side the river complete with the colourfully decorated padlock and ribbon bridge and the whole city is backed by cliffs.

Unfortunately whilst cycling around the city Sarah got a flat tyre! With no puncher repair kit or pump we had to abandon the bike (lock it to a railing) and ride the 4 km’s back to the van with both of us on one bike! something we hadn’t done since we were kids, so lots of laughs all the way back.

We had planned to go back into the city as the bike puncher shortened our visit, but later that day, we were told by some chaps who worked for the council that we wouldn’t be able to spend the night in the carpark, they were very nice to us and said its absolutely fine to use the lakes, facilities and park for the day but come night we would have to move on. We drove to pick up the bike and headed across the border into Germany to find somewhere to spend the night. We were happy enough with what we had seen in Salzburg and had a fabulous time by the lakes. So decided we would head north to the Czech Republic.

Coordinates to the Lakes parking; (47.838186, 13.016088)

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