November 2018

The pretty town of Rovinj on the istria peninsula was our first planned place to visit in Croatia. We wanted to check out the beaches to the south as we had read about them being the best in the area. we parked up near the coast just outside of the town and headed off on our bikes, leaving the boys to catch up on some sleep. We cycled along the stunning tree lined tracks that winded along the coastline and there were plenty of idyllic beaches to choose from and although not powdery white sand, from a distance it looks as though it could be, instead its tiny grains of rock and in our opinion, better than sand as it doesn’t stick to everything it touches. It was very tempting to jump in the crystal clear waters, however at closer look we spotted the sea was full of tiny jellyfish.

We didn’t see a single other person as we cycled along exploring the bays, this place would be so busy in the summer months, its so very nicely maintained, with lots of perfect areas to bathe and shade from the sun, making it the perfect beach side holiday resort. As we got back closer to the town along the coast, there was a few very upmarket hotels with lush gardens surrounding them.

We continued into the old town and again it was so quiet and we almost had the whole place to ourselves. The polished looking shiny cobbled streets were amazing and we admired the pretty colourful houses and the stonework leading up to the church on top of the hill overlooking the town. As we continued back down the hill to the main tourist street where there are many unique souvenir shops, small galleries, inviting bars, restaurants and boutique clothes shops, you can see how Rovinj must get quite busy in the summer months, but for now we seemed to be the only ones wondering around the pretty cobbled streets.

After leaving Rovinj we continued south on the peninsular and didn’t have to drive too far to find another deserted lush beach. We followed a bumpy narrow lane from the main road, down to the coast and parked up 50 meters from the sea. All along the coast south of Rovinj there are beautiful beaches and this time of year, once you get a little out of the town, you get the whole place to yourself. We relaxed in the afternoon and slept really well in our deserted paradise. In the morning we enjoyed the nature, went for a run along the seafront and swam in the cold but refreshingly beautiful sea. It was really hard to leave this relaxing, awesome little spot.

Coordinates to the fab free camping spot; 44.985901 13.7506 (out of season!)

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