November 2018

It was time to start heading back towards Spain, the weather had changed and winter was definitely here. We would have to save the rest of Croatia for our next visit.

We headed north and thought we would stop at a few places in Croatia on the way back before heading into Italy. It was getting late in the day and we decided to check out the town of Pazin and stay there for the night. Pazin is right in the middle of the Istrian Peninsula, and before we arrived it began to get quite misty, we didn’t have much daylight left and we parked up next to a hotel overlooking the chasm, we just about got to see a little bit of the view before the weather got really bad and the visibility turned to nothing. It didn’t look like the weather would improve and it was such a shame as it looked like such a great place to explore, there’s several zip lines you can do from one side of the chasm to the other, lots of walks and an attractive looking old town..

The following morning it was still very misty so unfortunately we didn’t get to see the beautiful view we’d hoped for and we decided the weather was too bad to go exploring, instead we headed to the coast. Pazin will have to wait for our return trip to Croatia.

We found a lovely place to park a few kms south of the seaside town of Porec. It was still a little grey and quite cold and after having a wonder around the pretty bay with the dogs, we left them in the van to catch up on some sleep and cycled into the town. Such a beautiful promenade all the way, overlooking the crystal clear sea, again everywhere was so quiet this time of year and Porec is another holiday resort town, that would be swarming with people in the summer. There are lovely man made swimming pools all along the seafront and its all very nicely maintained, even with the sky quite grey and overcast the sea looks so inviting and just lovely.

Porec has lots of Character and charm with cobbled streets and amazing brickwork around the old town, the seafront is beautiful with perfect little walkways and steps leading down right into the sea, a great area to cool off in the summer and take a dip in them crystal clear waters.

We spent our last night in Croatia right next to the sea and woke up to the sound of the waves, we were just a few Kms from Slovenia and had a long drive ahead of us. We planned to get back into Italy and our next destination was Bologna.

Coordinates to our last pretty spot in Croatia; 45.409346 13.525231

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