After a long drive from our last destination in Germany, we decided our first stop in Poland was to be on the coast after not having seen a beach so far on this trip.

We arrived just before sunset at the end of a quiet coastal resort town called Lazy. After parking up next to a pine forest we took a walk with the boys to check out the beach and was absolutely blown by the most amazing sunset.

We spent the next day on the beach enjoying the beautiful white powdery sand and cooling off in the sea as the weather was fantastic. We were overwhelmed by how beautiful this coastline was already.

Next we headed to the Slovinski National Park with its famous sand dunes however unfortunately we didn’t do our research and ended up completely the wrong side of a huge lagoon.

The following day we parked up on the beach front and that evening went off on our bikes along a beautiful winding cycle path into the national park. The extensive dunes overlooking the sea on one side and the lagoon on the other were breathtaking. We arrived there late in the day and had the dunes to ourselves. After exploring the dunes and after a walk down to the stunning deserted beach we decided it was time to head back asap as the pine forest we had cycled through was a mosquito paradise, after a mad dash and cycle we made it back to the van before complete darkness with a few extra mosquito bites each!

Next quick stop was the awesome colourful city of Gydansk with its beautiful architecture and unique front roof facades.

After leaving the city we drove inland and after struggling to find somewhere to parkup we spent the night in a kind of wasteland where we had an interesting night encountering a huge electrical storm, no rain and no thunder, just flash after flash for hours, it was pretty surreal an Charlie jumping out the window to chase a huge beaver added to the craziness of our night.

The following morning we visited Malbork castle one of the biggest in Europe and the largest we had ever seen. Very impressive medievil castle where we spent a couple of hours exploring the exterior only.

We then continued on to Polands Lake District in search of a secluded little spot lakeside to chill out to escape the heat. Unfortunately it turned out to be a lot harder to find one all to ourself. The ones we found were either more like ponds or really busy but after a couple of days and just before we left the area we found a great spot to have a dip.

On our drive to Lithuania we found one of the best free stops we had stayed at, on the edge of a lake with toilets, fire pits and under cover picnic area with what seemed like a bar and beaches a great end to a nice journey through northern Poland.