November 2018

We were undecided whether or not we would visit the coast of Slovenia, after having such an amazing time here and spending longer than originally planned, we thought it was time to just head on into Croatia.

After hiding away from the rainy weather for almost 2 weeks just across the border in Italy at a powered stop, we were ready to start travelling again now. We drove from Italy back into Slovenia and headed south, as it was quite late in the day we decided to spend the night in Slovenia and cross into Croatia first thing in the morning. We found a great little stop hidden away next to a dam with a pretty lake where we had a campfire and enjoyed our first afternoon of no rain.

Coordinates to this little hideaway: 45.510833 13.779164

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The following morning after doing some research we decided to check out the seaside town of Piran, on Slovenia’s coastline after all and we were so glad we did! We parked the van a few kms away along the coast as we thought it would be difficult to find a park up in the small town with lots of narrow streets. The cycle into Piran was beautiful but strenuous, winding through the forested hillside and then along the seafront after a huge steep hill which we were not looking forward to on the way back.

The hard bike ride was totally worth it as the little town of Piran is so beautiful and definitely worth a visit if you have time. the pedestrianised old town is like a rabbit warren, where you can quite easily get lost around the narrow cobbled streets, there’s also a very attractive main square with a pleasant atmosphere and many bars and restaurants to choose from, across the way from the square there is a harbour and great views out to the sea. There are many more bars and inviting restaurants all the way around the edge of Piran, looking out to sea and a pleasant promenade, perfect for a romantic evening stroll or cycle.

We climbed the hill overlooking the town to the church and from here you have fantastic views of  the whole of Piran and the surrounding area, it looks like it could be an island as it sticks out a little from the land around it and is built up on a hill, it just looks really pretty and we were so glad we decided to stop.

The cycle back to the van was so much quicker, after we conquered the big steep hill, it was pretty much down hill all the way back and although it was getting late in the day we manged to get back just before dark.

The following morning, before finally heading into Croatia, we took a walk from the van down to the pebble beach, it was a little overcast but the colour of the sea was still amazing and we realised just how much so after looking at the drone footage we took. The boys enjoyed being back by the sea since months away and we even had a little dip although it was pretty cold. The small bay was lovely and still seeing the Autumn colours added to its beauty. A wonderful last stop off for us in Slovenia.

Coordinates to the great spot we stayed: 45.534871 13.606664

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