We made a little Van Tour video when we first started our YouTube channel, we were a little nervous back then but its fun watching ourselves back from when we first started out and bought our little van (its also slightly embarrassing!! We have hopefully improved in our vlogs a lot since this first ever video!)

Hes a Ford Transit, high top camper with a reimo conversion from the year 1991, 2.5d Motor and a little rough around the edges, but for a 29 year old he looks great and is an awesome little camper van. We named him Vinny as hes got a sticker on him saying vintage and he’s a diesel! So full name is Vin Diesel, shortened to Vinny!

Since owning Vinny we have spruced him up a little, the biggest job was probably the patchwork seat covers, hand stitched to the actual seat using recycled materials and old funky clothes. If the seat gets ripped or fades in anyway, we can just stitch another patch over the top! Totally unique.

We’ve also added lots of colour throughout with our bright sofa throw, rugs, colourful homemade curtains and blinds and even gave him a few tattoos!

Our Brilliant DIY Shower!

We decided to have a go at creating a portable DIY shower that we could use inside the van. Its great to shower outside in the summer months and in nature away from any prying eyes, but that is not always possible, and in the winter it can be quite cold for outside showering. Our simple shower solution turned out great and we have used it so many times already, nothing better than a warm inside shower every so often!

It’s especially great for when we are City van dwelling…..

And it sure beats those icy cold baths we sometimes take in the winter months…..

Our van is just about big enough for the four of us, but small enough to fit into normal parking spaces and take us down any narrow roads without having to worry about getting stuck, although we do have to remember we are quite high… Vinny is a little tank, part of the pack and we love him dearly!