September 2018

We were excited to spend some time in a national park before heading to Krakow, and Ojcowski is very convenient as its just North of the City. Its a small nation park but a very pretty one, we enjoyed driving through the forested hills and the tree canopied roads. We found a great place to park and spend the night at the top of a big hill in amongst the trees surrounded by nature with  lots of parking bays all with picnic benches, bins and all with a nice tree coverage, so lots of shade.

Coordinates to our great camp: 50.213402 19.815701

We went to check out the main accessible area of the national park, we came across a beautiful little wooden chapel, and a little further there´s a tourist village where you have to park your vehicle and walk a little while before reaching it. The walk is beautiful and there are a few low key restaurants along the way before reaching a little hill where you can walk up and get nice views over the little village.

The next morning before heading off to Krakow, we took the bikes and cycled through the valley of the national park, we were so glad we decided to do this as it is such a stunning cycle path, winding though the valley with lush green fields and passing by tiny villages with wooden huts dotted around, then you follow a trickling stream, its really quite beautiful. Its definitely a wonderful area to escape the City with so many lovely walks and cycle tracks, we only wish we had more time as always!

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