As soon as we entered into Norway in the far north, the scenery was breathtaking and from high up in the mountains we slowly made our descent to the coast. We decided to take the scenic route along the coastline to the Island of Senja which would be as far North as we would be travelling on this adventure, although all roads in Norway we would later find out are scenic beyond belief.


We had reached Arctic Norway and now as far north as we would be travelling so it was time to chill out for a while on the beautiful island of Senja or was it?! How could we chill out when there are so many fantastic hikes to take on and places to visit. Around every corner is a jaw dropping view and stunning surrounds. Senja was definitely a highlight of the whole trip for us.

Episode 1 & 2 of our Senja adventure;

As Senja is so absolutely beautiful, we wanted to spend and enjoy as much of the island as possible after driving 1000’s of kms to get there from the southern tip of Europe. One of our favourite hikes of the whole trip was on Senja, which was the Hesten hike. Being so far north, way up in the Arctic Circle, Senja is quite cold, even in the summer months and its definitely not a good time for your heater to stop working!

The heater stopping working in one of the coldest climates we have ever visited wasn’t our only strike of bad luck on the island….

After Spending almost 2 weeks on Senja with outstanding views around every corner, relaxing on some stunning beaches, taking on some incredible hikes with unbelievable panoramas and having our fair share of ups and downs, it was time to head to the famous Lofoten Islands, but just before leaving we decided to take on one last hike and so glad we did!

Lofoten Islands

Due to our drone crash and waiting for a replacement to be sent to us along with extreme weather conditions we ended up staying nearly a month on the Lofoten Islands. After a few days the views and landscapes were already too much, its hard to move very far when everything looks so amazing! The 5 Islands are linked by incredible bridges and tunnels and the whole time the view out the windows and on the numerous hikes we accomplished were literally unbelievable. It felt like we were on the set of some kind of movie. You are constantly fighting the urge to film and take pictures of everything, what do you document when everything looks so incredible? We could clearly see why it has the reputation for being one of the most beautiful places on the planet.

Episodes 1 – 7 of our Lofoten Adventure;

We finally reached the furthest southerly point of the Lofoten Islands and we definitely saved the best until last, the town of Reine is the iconic Lofoten destination and if you can only see one area in the whole of Norway, Reine is probable where you would choose, its also home to one of the best hikes we have ever done, the famous Reinebringen.

After Reine it was time for us to leave the Lofoten, but not by ferry as originally planned, we wouldn’t be able to stay in the van with the dogs or able to go on deck due to high winds, stormy seas and heavy rain, meaning the dogs would have to be in the van alone and we didn’t want to leave Charlie after he was so scared of the loud engine noise from the last ferry we went on. So instead we took the 300+ Kilometre drive back across the Islands and then headed South. This of course was not a bad thing at all as the Lofoten Islands are an absolute pleasure to drive across and now we would get to see them driving in the opposite direction.

We had made it back onto the mainland and we really needed to start getting some Kms done as we were still very far north. Just when we thought that it couldn’t get any better we unexpectedly stumbled upon another outstanding hike on our way south. We were searching for a place to park and found some images of an awesome looking national park (Rago). We were so glad we made the slight detour! The hike there was a long one but again was up there with the best we have ever done, a crystal clear mountain lake leading to a incredible waterfall dropping down to a green valley with a snaking river hundreds of meters below, it was just insanely good!

Oh… And by the way, did we mention that we saw the Northern Lights twice! Literally the night before we really had to head further south where they would not be visible… Incredible!!!

To finish our Northern Norway experience we visited the impressive industrial, viking city of Trondheim, Norway’s 3rd largest city, with its amazing Cathedral and beautiful coloured houses along its canals. After spending so much time in the wilderness of Arctic Norway, we wanted to check out one of Norway’s cities before leaving. This would be our last main stop before we headed back into Sweden. Due to time restrictions0, we would have to save the rest of beautiful Norway for a future adventure.