May 2018

This Stop was an unexpected surprise for us, we planned to stay further north, closer to Tarragona but as it was a long way from Valencia, we had enough driving for one day and stopped here instead. This cute little place was very low key with only a few hotels and one storey building along the beach front, with a couple of small shops, bars and restaurants, its more of a locals holiday town, and a lot nicer than many of Spain’s really busy coastal touristy towns.

We stayed the night at the end of the town right next to the beach with a few other campers and then discovered a short walkway to an amazing nature reserve, backing off the beach. we went off on the bikes to go check it out. The views and the sound of the nature was stunning and even better from the birds eye view which the drone provided, from the air this place looked amazing, it was like we were cycling on little islands in between lakes. we enjoyed the bird life and the views from the drone before going back for the boys.

The Deserted beach was a great place for dogs to run and well worth a nice sunset walk, definitely worth a quick stopover in this low key pretty coastal town.

Coordinates to the free park up; (40.190701 0.21766)

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