December 2018

Upon arrival to Lucca we didn’t realise that this was to be the last place we would visit of the trip. We found a spot to park the van and took the short walk towards the walled city centre.

The first thing you notice about this amazing city is the well preserved Renaissance walls encircling the historic centre. The tree lined pathways along the tops of the high ramparts are popular to take a stroll around and we planned to do just that on our way back towards the van after exploring the interior first.

We immediately loved the charming old Tuscan city. As we walked around the pretty cobblestone streets admiring the many churches that the city is famous for, it was like stepping back in time, century’s ago.

Another great thing about Lucca is that there is so many towers, you have many to chose from where you can climb to the top and have that different perspective and really get a good look at the skyline which is full of historic towers emerging from the rooftops.

Unfortunately we received a phone call from family not long after arriving in Lucca and we had to get back to the UK as quickly as possible. We had no choice but to end our trip here and drive the 2500 km back to Andalucia over the next few days to be able to get a flight to the UK. The drive back was stressful and at times very frustrating. We immediately got on the toll roads in Italy and made good time getting to France, but with the demonstrations happening all over France, there was many holdups and road closures along the way. Over the last 7 months of the trip we had been taking our time and enjoying our adventure only driving an hour or so at a time and not really having to use any motorways, now we had to drive all day long, and on the motorways in our little old van its tough with his top speed of around 80 km per hour. We were glad to make it back to Spain and have a much more relaxed journey down to Andalucia.

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