September 2018

We woke up hidden behind some bushes just off the main road as it got late the evening before and we didn’t want to drive any further in the dark, we had pulled off the road next to a small abandoned house and spent the night hidden away. Its not always fabulous locations with picturesque views and this was a good example of that.

We had a lovely drive on our way to this fabulous mountain range, Slovakia is another beautiful Country to drive through, the scenic countryside and the quiet roads make it a very pleasurable Journey where ever your going. The road cuts between two national parks, down a valley of forested hillsides, we arrived at the sky lift deserted carpark after following the river down a valley through the mountains. We didn’t notice any walks from here apart from straight up the baron, rocky piste, where a few folks were walking up. There was another carpark half a km down the mountain, so we drove down and realised this was the starting point to a number of hikes.

After a quick brunch, we headed out on a two hour hike. it was steep and quite hard going and as we winded through the rocky, bushy undergrowth, with various types of berries hanging from the branches, we noticed some strange looking poop and we were sure it was bear. We continued further at a good paces considering this was a really strenuous hike, climbing quickly and stopping often to admire the fabulous views behind us. Once we reached the peak, we were rewarded with outstanding views over the mountain range. There was again several hikes starting from this point and we were tempted to walk to the highest peak across the range as we had done all the hard work already, but it would have meant getting back to the van possible in the dark, and we just didn’t want to be in the mountains after sun down. Instead we wondered abit further to get a different view looking north, thinking we may be able to see the high Tatras, it was slightly hazy so we were out of luck, but a great hike and the boys as always loved every minute. Another brilliant day in the mountains taking in the beauty that Slovakia keeps providing for us.

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