October 2018

Our next destination in Slovenia was the capital, on our way we stopped at a little village, at a stop we had seen on park4night. It was a really nice location and we didn’t expect to be in walking distance to a beautiful nature reserve with a lovely big lake running parallel to a pretty river, the surrounds were amazing with great cycle/walking tracks around the lake and the other side there were fields growing some kind of beans that really added to the landscape.

The weather wasn’t great, very overcast and we were unable to get any power from our solar so we decided to stay a couple of nights and catch up with some work as we had an electric hook up at the stop and its walking distance to the little village where we could go for a drink and use their bathrooms.

Coordinates to this amazing park up; 46.240799 15.1539

It was time to head onto the capital and again using park4night app, we found a place to stay a few kms outside the city. Another stop with free power and water and although the location wasn’t fantastic (kind of a park and ride area by the busy main road into the city) we were very happy and thought it was a great place to park safely while we spent a day or two exploring the capital.

We headed off the following morning on our bikes around three kms into the centre. We absolutely loved Ljubljana, the main old town area is all pedestrianised and just lovely, its extremely bicycle friendly and the river running through is surrounded by lush trees and greenery, weeping willows and quaint little bridges, visiting this time of year was extra special we thought as the whole place looked stunning with all of the Autumn colours. Running along both sides of the river were very inviting pretty bars and restaurants leading along to the main square. There was relaxing entertainment from street performer singing brilliantly and the usual bubble blower for the kids to enjoy. The whole place had such a calming, bohemian, relaxing feel to it and we absolutely loved wondering around soaking up the atmosphere.

The castle perched on top of the hill that overlooks the old town looked very impressive and we think this would have been worth a visit if we had more time. We enjoyed a romantic riverside anniversary lunch in one of the many restaurants and were very impressed with our meal and the price and decided to stay for a few more glasses of wine before heading back to the van. A wonderful City that really shouldn’t be missed if you visit Slovenia.

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