Our first stop in Lithuania was the city of Kaunas, before a visit to the city we found a great little stop on the edge of the river a few kilometres outside the centre. As it was really hot, it was the perfect place for a dip and although it was busy with locals, it was a nice atmosphere and we enjoyed a cold beer in the cafe on the banks.

The city was small but pleasant for a cycle around. There were some nice buildings there with the remains of the castle and its wall along with a pretty little old town with many small bars and cafes and cobbled streets.

After leaving the city we continued north and due to bad weather and as always lack of time, we decided not to visit the coast and instead drove up through the centre of the country.

On our drive north it was evident that this was one of the poorer of the Baltic Countries and had clearly been devastated by the Soviet Empire in the past. Our only other stop in Lithuania was the Hill of Crosses which was another symbol of resilient against the Soviets.

It was raining when we arrived in the evening and on most of the journey we had been almost driving on water, flying over the many speed bumps that Nick kept on missing! We parked up in the furthest car park from the hill away from the busy main carpark, a lovely spot surrounded by trees and all to ourselves.

The following morning we visited the hill which is very surreal and a thought provoking experience, much more so than we had anticipated. The small hill with so much history and full of sadness, literally 1000’s of crosses covering almost every inch of the area. Crosses of all shapes and sizes, planted, scattered everywhere, crosses on crosses, some dating back years and others more modern. Now, its more of a tourist stop off than a graveyard, we both felt the sadness and the struggles of the past as we wandered the narrow overgrown pathways. After leaving the hill we headed straight for Latvia.