October 2018

Just half an hour drive from the famous Lake Bled is the equally amazing Lake Bohinj. And we were so glad we made the detour there for an afternoon. Its quieter than Bled and more wild, the mountains are more dramatic and closer to the lake. The lack of development and the much quieter road running along side the lake make it far more peaceful and tranquil compared to Lake Bled. Again the colour of the water is divine and the Autumn colours on all the surrounding trees made it even more spectacular.

We drove the full length of the lake, stopping off at various spots to marvel at the lakes beauty, we stopped next to a pretty spiral church about half way down and took the drone out for an amazing Birdseye view before continuing back to the start of the lake by the small village, There is another church and a small bridge perfect to view the sun setting over the lake. We drove the half hour back to Bled to stay the night leaving the picturesque lake behind, feeling happy and relaxed after our peaceful afternoon.

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