October 2018

So this was one place we were really looking forward to, we had heard so much about the famous Lake Bled and it was our time to see what all the fuss was about. We arrived in the afternoon following a lovely drive from Ljubljana through the valley and beautiful countryside.

As we approached the lake we could immediately see it was going to be a wonderful place to explore for a few days. We had an idea about where we might spend the night but thought we would suss it all out upon arrival. We drove around the lake to the opposite side of the town and hotels. We continued past the campsite and up the hill to the train station. There wasn’t too many people around and only one other camper when we arrived, so we decided it was a good spot to spend the night.

We took the bikes off to have a quick explore of the area and actually ended up going for quite a ride along the lake back towards the town. There’s a path all the way around the lake, great for walking, running and cycling, its really nice to just wonder or cycle around with fabulous views over the picturesque lake, the island in the centre, the castle and the church perched up on the hill towards the town.

On our return to the van we went for a short walk down to the lake which was only about 5 minutes from where we parked before the sun went down. We stopped off for a glass of wine in the railway station bar before heading back to the van for the night.

The following day after a good nights sleep, we wasted no time getting up and out to explore. We had seen a sign on our bike ride the evening before saying about a walk and read we could climb the hillside and get views down onto the lake, we headed out and after about half an hour strenuous walk up the hill zigzagging steeply, we came to some extremely steep steps and was slightly worried about climbing them with the boys, but Charlie made it up on his own and we managed to carry Dizzee up quite easily. We wondered how we would get back down and hoped we would find another way as we continued the walk. A little further we came across the first viewing platform, fantastic views down to the lake and all the way across to the town and surrounding mountains, it was already worth the hard walk up.  As we continued through the forest, we got a little lost but we met a local lady who directed us on our way and led us to the main viewing area. Again amazing views down and after spending quite some time enjoying the view we continued and found an easier track back down the hillside so we could avoid those steep steps.

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The following morning we woke up before sunrise and went down to the lake, we had the whole place to ourselves and it was marvellous to see the sun come up over the tranquil, calm, pretty lake to start our day. We took the drone out and enjoyed the relaxing surrounds for a while before heading back to the van for breakfast.

Early afternoon, when it was lovely and warm, we took the kayak out on the lake. It was slightly more choppy than first thing in the morning, but still absolutely beautiful and we enjoyed rowing out with the boys and the Autumn sun shining down on us. We kayaked over to the island and watched some boats come and go carrying lots of tourists before kayaking all the way around and back, a lovely afternoon enjoying the Autumn sun and the tranquil lake

On our way back to the van after the kayaking we got held up for quite some time by a big pile of leaves! The boys couldn’t get enough of playing in the leaves and we couldn’t stop watching them, in fact, they had quite an audience from passers by on the tourist train, the driver stopped the train so the few people on board could watch the boys play in the piles of Autumn leaves, so cute.

Coordinates to where we stayed: 46.368301 14.0829

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