August 2018

Our next stop was the interesting town of Kutna Hora, we arrived late so immediately our first priority was to find somewhere to park up for the night. As we didn’t fancy staying in the town, we drove 6km outside into the countryside and up the only hill in the area. We found a great little spot to spend the night, very wild with great views as far as we could see in all directions looking across the flat arid landscape. that night we had a big storm and we had uninterrupted views of the lightening forks from our little wild spot on top of the hill!

The following morning, we drove back towards the town to visit the bone church (Sedlec Ossuary) we´d read about the church and didn’t really know what to expect, but it sounded interesting and something quite different to see. It was definitely a unique experience, an over touristy attraction and more like a small chapel than a church, but very different to anything we had experienced before, its a little disturbing and quite strange. On entering the chapel you notice the works going on outside underground where they are constantly excavating to uncover more human remains. The chapel is estimated to contain around 50,000 skeletons from mass graves in the area from the plague many years ago, and the bones are arrange in a Gothic, artistic kind of way, for example there is a chandelier, coat of arms and other furnishings. We did find it abit distasteful but each to their own.

After the crowded, odd bone church, we went into Kutna for a quick cycle around. We found a very impressive Gothic Cathedral with a lovely promenade dotted with statues which overlooked surrounding countryside and the old town. There are several viewing platforms for better views of the Cathedral and afterwards we had a brief look around the old town, popping into the free contemporary Art gallery.

Coordinates to the free camp spot; (49.942501 15.18969)

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