November 2018

This National Park at the southern tip of the istrian Peninsula is definitely worth a visit out of season, we didn’t realise that normally you had to pay 20euros to visit the park for the day until we arrived at the entrance where there is a barrier, the signs explained the prices and the opening times, but there was another sign printed and stuck over the top saying free until further notice and as we drove up to the barrier it opened for us, This was great as we arrived late in the day.

After a long bumpy drive through the national park we finally came to the coast and a stunning little bay. We only seen two other people the whole time we were there and again thought about how busy this stunning national park would be in the summer. We went for a wonder around and wormed our way through the bush land on one of the many walks you can do, it was like a little maze and we took the drone up in the air to find our way back to the rocky coast to watch the sunset.

We found a really wild parking spot down a steep hill onto a rocky coast line the following day, like something from castaway, it was windy and the sea was churning up and definitely didn’t look very inviting. We enjoyed a blustery walk along the coast and spent the afternoon hiding around our sheltered spot from the wind.

Coordinates to the wild peaceful spot; 44.817299 13.8578

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We were really enjoying our time in Croatia so far, everywhere was so quiet and we felt that we had been extremely lucky with the weather for November. Our final destination on the Istrian Peninsula was a little unknown place, we arrived after dark and didn’t really know where we were. So a nice surprise waking up at first light to see our pretty location. The weather had changed and a strong wind made it feel a lot cooler, but we enjoyed a morning of chilling out and messing around with the dogs before continuing South.

Coordinates to this wild spot; 44.80541 13.9728

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