October 2018

Slovenia was definitely one we were looking forward to, a highlight of the trip for us. We were immediately blown away by the drive through Slovenia, it was just beautiful, all the forested hills and the lush landscape, the Autumn colours standing out vibrantly with reds, yellows and oranges on the surrounding trees.

Our first stop was the old city of Celje .We found a wonderful parkup in a nice area of the town surrounded by parks, little cafes and right next to the river with views up towards the castle. The stop had free water, waste water and a metre to put coins and have an electric hook up which worked out ridiculously cheap.

Coordinates to the great stop in Celje: 46.225498 15.261

After lunch we headed off into the town on our bikes for a look around. We were hoping to find a local sim card so we could have internet again. Its always exciting on the first day in a new country when your getting the feel for it and discovering all the new and different things compared to the last Country. After enjoying a cycle ride around the pretty old town and along the riverside passing by charming little restaurants and down narrow alleyways, we headed towards the shopping centre to pick up a sim card, we were successful immediately and back online at a very reasonable price. We popped into the supermarket to get some grocery’s and ended up buying an electric kettle as well, as we’d had a look for places to stay in Slovenia and it seemed there was quite a few stops with free or very cheap electricity and as we were constantly having issues with gas, we thought this would save quite a bit and nice to have lots of hot drinks now the weather was getting colder.

We got back to the van in the afternoon, dropped the bikes off, grabbed the boys and headed up towards the castle. it was a fantastic, but strenuous walk up the hill zigzagging towards the castle through the tree canopy. We stopped on the way to collect some sweet horse chestnuts that littered the ground around us, it was a little difficult to break into some of the spiky husks to get to the nuts but we carefully managed without getting our fingers too spiked, after collecting quite a bag full we continued up to the castle.

We paid the 4 euro entrance fee and stopped in the little cafe to have a coffee with our free voucher for purchasing tickets before going in to explore the castle. It wasn’t very big which suited us as we didn’t have much time left after spending quite some time scrumping for the sweet chestnuts. we saw an interesting grape vine, a descendent of the oldest in the world apparently before heading on to the lookout view over the castle walls and down onto the town and river, it was quite a good view of the surrounding area. We continued along the castle walls, slightly disappointed that we were unable to climb the towers due to work being done, before heading into the torture chamber. a small red lit room, playing unnerving music with a few different torture machines and quite a selection of scary masks hanging on the walls above.

We got back to the van after the more enjoyable, easier walk back down from the castle and both had hot showers inside using our new kettle to boil the water, felling relaxed and happy with our first day in Slovenia.

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