September 2018

It was a lovely drive into Poland through the National Park from Czech and into forested hillsides as far as we could see. The road followed the river and passed through colourful little tourist towns winding down though the hills to the flat plains that would make up most of the country.

Our first stop was the town of Jelenia Gora, a really nice town with cobbled streets and a large pedestrianised centre with a lovely old town square surrounded by pretty pastel coloured buildings.  We chose to stop here as it was the biggest town on our way after crossing into Poland and we needed to do a few missions before we could continue to check out this awesome Country. Mission 1 – Money, we needed to change money, and we found several places to do so very easily that offered very good rates. Mission 2 – Internet, we went to the shopping centre and after shopping around the phone shops, we were able to pick up a local sim card with no problems which offered really cheap internet, very happy. Mission 3 – Grocery’s, as we had parked in Lidl to do our other missions around the town, we thought it was only right to shop there, again very good prices and we got everything we needed. And finally! Mission 4 – Laundry, we googled a launderette and managed to get everything fresh again within an hour or so, the only thing we needed now was some gas, but as it was getting late we decided to leave the gas for another day.

We drove out of town and into the country side heading towards some coloured lakes (Kamienna Gora) that we planned to check out the following day. We stopped on the way at a hiking area carpark as it looked a good place to spend our first night in Poland. There were a few cars when we arrived but they all left and the carpark was deserted, we were slightly dubious as felt a little isolated for our first night in a new country, but it was fine and we actually slept really well.

The following morning we headed to the coloured lakes. There was a place to park the van at the entrance to the lakes and we were the only people there, we went off with the boys in search of the lakes. once we came across the first lake we soon realised why we were alone! There are 3 lakes in total, a yellow, a red and a blue lake. The yellow lake was completely dried up, the red wasn’t much better and the blue lake did have water but it definitely didn’t look very nice, we obviously visited at the wrong time of year and Poland would need a fair amount of rain for the lakes to look like lakes. The surroundings are beautiful and we had the place to ourselves which is always nice, so we enjoyed ourselves anyway.

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We planned to spend a day or 2 in the city of Wroclaw and on route there we planned to hopefully find some gas as we were really empty now and getting a little fed up with salads! It was getting late in the day so we researched and found a park up by a lake to spend the night. It was a nice area and although the lake wasn’t really good enough to swim in (more of a fishing lake) it was very calm and pleasant to look at and a peaceful, relaxed place to spend the rest of the day and night. The sky reflected beautifully in the lake and we had a pretty sunset.

There was a strange noise coming from the lake and it was kind of eerie, as we went down to investigate, we realised it was coming from a boat, that was extracting minerals (we presumed) from the bed of the lake, it sounded like something from a horror movie!

Coordinates to the lakeside location; 50.964802 16.6078

The next morning we headed off on our way to Wroclaw, we googled a shopping complex area on the outskirts of the city and planned to stop there and hopefully find some gas. After several hours searching around various fuel striations, DIY shops and builders merchants, we finally managed to pick up a 5 kilo bottle of local gas, what a mission that was, we really need to come up with  better solution for our next trip.

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