November 2018

We left Slovenia in style as we were police escorted over the border! We blame google as we put in avoid tolls as usual and it took us on a crazy little road, getting bumpier and bumpier until a police car came towards us, we pulled off the road as there wasn’t enough room for us both to pass, and got out to ask the officer if we were going the right way, he replied telling us that we were on an illegal road and were not aloud to cross the border there, whoops, he kindly said he would escort us the correct way into Croatia.

After our experience with the police we crossed the border showing our passports for the first time of the trip. After our detour, we were running late and instead of enjoying the sunset on the coast like we had planned, we had to watch it from the van on the way. We arrived to the coast and it was almost dark, the place we had planned to stay which we found on park4night was a no go as we didn’t find the location, we continued for a short while and found another spot further down the coast hidden amongst the trees next to a pretty bay.

The following morning we woke up early and were keen to get up and out to explore the new country. We continued just a few kms further from where we stayed to another coastal spot, this one was lovely and we parked up on a raised area with the beach and the sea 30meters below. We planned to just have breakfast but ended up staying and having a really nice relax, completely chilled day, cooking outside going for lovely walks along the beach and taking it all in. We got to enjoy the sunset sea view on our second night in Croatia instead whilst soaking our feet in the little rock pools, just beautiful.

The following day we reluctantly decided we had to keep moving and we headed towards Rovinj, our first planned place to visit in Croatia. On the way we stopped at a little camping shop to see if they had any campingaz, the guy explained to us that there was a shop not too far away, where they fill any size bottles, this was great news as we had struggled to fill or exchange our little bottles from the start. We took the slight detour inland and managed to get them all filled up for very cheap, all of a sudden we had loads of gas! – finally! After our detour it was getting late so instead of going to Rovinj, we decided to stay closer to where we were for the night and go the following morning, we checked the maps and parked up at an area with a fjord, picnic benches and walks just off the main road, it was an ok spot to spend the night. Early the next morning we cleared the area of litter with our new pick up litter stick we got in Slovenia and headed off to Rovinj

Coordinates to the fab free camping spot; 45.349499 13.5403

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