September 2018

We crossed the border from Austria and headed into Hungary without really much of a plan for how long we would stay there. Our first stop was the pretty little town of Sopron, in the north east tip that kind of sticks out into Austria.

We arrived in the afternoon and found a very central carpark. As it was a Sunday, the parking was free which was good as we didn’t actually have any Hungarian money yet. We strolled into town, and unfortunately the exchange shop was closed by the time we arrived so decided we would just have a wonder around and exchange some cash in the morning. We were surprised how busy it was everywhere and quickly realised that there was some kind of street party/festival going on which was brilliant. There were folks dancing and singing, some dressed in traditional outfits and just a really jolly atmosphere. There was various things going on around the town with little stools and various activities, there were small plaques around explaining what was going on, but as we don’t read a word of Hungarian, we had no idea what was really going on! It was a really friendly, happy vibe and as outsiders we felt so welcome and were really happy to be part of the little community happenings. The main square where most of the activity was happening was very pretty, surrounded by various pretty buildings, the town hall, a tower along with a grand church and lots of other rustic but charming little buildings.

The small town is quite impressive and a pleasure to walk around the cobbled streets. Its famous for its wine as surrounded by lush vineyards which we had views of as we drove up a hill and into the countryside to spend the night. The area we stayed was up in the forest, a lovey secluded spot and the starting point of many walks and hikes. We slept very well considering we felt slightly isolated before bed because we were completely on our own for our first night in a new country but woke up felling happy and excited about what the day was to bring.

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After leaving Sopron, we were a little undecided what to do next, we wanted to explore Hungary more but really felt we needed to get south into Slovenia and Croatia before the weather turned and it became too cold and higher possibilities of snow in the mountains where we wanted to visit. We made the decision to head back into Austria and get south as quickly as possible, saving Hungary for the next trip when we would have more time.

We drove south for a while before crossing back over the border into Austria, it was getting late so we pulled off the road in a little village in the middle of nowhere. We had a lovely surprise the following morning as the sun came up, we were surrounded by vineyards and overlooked be a beautiful spiral pointed church in a pretty little Austrian village. There was mist on the horizon and hot air balloons in the sky and we enjoyed a lazy morning taking it all in and enjoying our calming surroundings.

We continued south through Austria and thought it would be nice to see one more place before heading into Slovenia. We stopped on the outskirts of Graz with the intentions to cycle in and see the city, unfortunately it was raining so we changed our minds but instead we went for a lovely rainy walk by the lake where Arnold Schwarzenegger was born, grew up and trained on! Although the weather was miserable, we really enjoyed the lake and it was a lovely last stop off in Austria before continuing on into Slovenia.

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