August 2018

This picture perfect town certainly lived up to our expectations and didn’t disappoint, and although we had read rumours of it being far too touristy to enjoy, we loved every minute.

We parked a few km’s south of the town, right next to the stunning lake shores, as you’d expect for this time of year, there was quite alot of other vehicle dwellers from posh motorhomes to folks camping out of their hatchbacks, but enough space for us and a pleasant atmosphere with everyone camping out and enjoying the summer. It was just a small car park not far from the road but literally 30m from the water. There’s clean public toilets that are open all night and a shower on the lake shore. We were a little surprised that people were allowed to sleep here night after night for free this time of year.

The absolutely lush water of the lake was extremely inviting and the grassy sloping bank leading down to the shore line is a fabulous place for sunbathing and chilling out in between swims and there wasn’t too many tourists considering it was August.

The Postcard town of Hallstatt is absolutely jaw dropping beautiful. Yes its touristy, but for a reason and if like us, you manage to explore around first thing in the morning, you get the place to yourself. The colourful, pretty houses, cute boat sheds that sit right on the stunning lake shore and the perfectly pointed steeple of the church all come together to make a truly perfect picture postcard sight and the mountainous hills that surround the town and lake add to the serenity of the place. The shoreline in this pretty little town is dotted with inviting restaurants and quaint souvenir shops and its altogether one of the prettiest towns you can imagine, and definitely worth a visit (early in the morning).

Coordinates to great free parkup; 47.547199 13.6742

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