October 2018

After leaving Sopron, we were a little undecided what to do next, we wanted to explore Hungary more but really felt we needed to get south into Slovenia and Croatia before the weather turned and it became too cold and higher possibilities of snow in the mountains where we wanted to visit. We made the decision to head back into Austria and get south as quickly as possible, saving Hungary for the next trip when we had more time.

We drove south for a while before crossing back over the border into Austria, it was getting late so we pulled off the road in a little village in the middle of nowhere. We had a lovely surprise the following morning as the sun came up, we were surrounded by vineyards and overlooked be a beautiful spiral pointed church in a pretty little Austrian village. There was mist on the horizon and hot air balloons in the sky and we enjoyed a lazy morning taking it all in and enjoying our calming surroundings.

We continued south through Austria and thought it would be nice to see one more place before heading into Slovenia. We stopped on the outskirts of Graz with the intentions to cycle in and see the city, unfortunately it was raining so we changed our minds but instead we went for a lovely rainy walk by the lake where Arnold Schwarzenegger was born, grew up and trained on! Although the weather was miserable, we really enjoyed the lake and it was a lovely last stop off in Austria before continuing on into Slovenian.

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Before entering Slovenia, we decided to spend the night just a few kms over the border in Austria, it was on parkf4night app and was a little Inn with a small pond out the back and a grassy area where the owners let campers spend the night with an electric hook up for free and the use of a bathroom. We had a few drinks in the Inn, some local wine, to give them a bit of business as we were staying on their land, they were a really lovely couple, the lady was Romanian and the guy originally German, we communicated mainly through hand gestures and the guessing game, but it was fun anyway! Their little Inn and the land they had was very pretty and we ended up staying 2 nights as the weather was terrible, raining heavy and we wanted it to clear before crossing the border into Slovenia

Coordinates to the welcoming inn; 46.782501 15.5865