After the fabulous drive through the Pyrenees, trying our best to deal with the FOMO (fear of missing out) and also, slightly worried about the long steep mountain pass we had to cross to get into France, we made it. We had to pull off the road and take a break for the van as we were worried about the brakes over heating again after we smelt a slight burning smell., but we were excited to be in a new Country and start exploring France.

We landed on our feet with our first stop in France where we found a pretty lake which we had all to ourselves. We arrived late evening just before sunset and decided to stay all of the following day to give Vinny a rest after the drive through the Pyrenees and even got the kayak out on the water as a last minute decision.

After leaving the lake the heavens opened and they didn’t close for several days! We decided to get some driving done, making a slight detour to see the Gorge de Tarn which we had been looking forward to and even in the rain it was well worth the visit. An amazing drive through the Gorge, passing by magnificent scenery with little villages dotted along the route.

The rain continued and we were getting serious cabin fever and starting to go a little crazy. We arrived in Annecy and finally the rain stopped. We were so happy the sun had finally came out for our last few days in France and were excited to explore the lovely quaint, fairytale like city and the crystal clear stunning lake nestled on the edge of the French Alps. We spent a few days here before moving on.