December 2018

Beautiful Florence was definitely one place we were really looking forward to visiting, and it did not disappoint in the slightest. It was a memorable journey into the city as we came to a tunnel we couldn’t pass under because of our height! We thought we would have to call the traffic police to get us out of a busy one way street, at the time the only option we could see, but we luckily managed to get through a private gate and back onto the main road and were careful not to make the same mistake again.

We found a great place to park, in a fabulous, safe location, it was a carpark a few kms from the centre, with some nice parks, and a beautiful path/cycle track leading all the way into the city surrounded by gardens and trees, we felt safe as there was a police station the other side of the carpark!

Florence is just stunning and as we visited in December, all the decorations made it more special for us and although cold we loved every minute.

By far the most impressive thing to see in Florence is the Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore, this jaw dropping site is immense and its one of those things you just cant stop looking at, the 3rd biggest Cathedral in the world with its Gothic and Renaissance Architecture is amazing and we spent so long just staring at it, cycling around it and admiring it from every angle. It stands out from the skyline with its huge size and makes the rest of the city look small in comparison.

We visited the Ponte Vecchio which is a medieval stone closed bridge, it is definitely very unique crossing over the Arno river. its occupied by jewellers, art dealers and souvenir shops nowadays and well worth a visit.

with so many monuments, beautiful Renaissance architecture and pretty piazzas in Florence throughout the city and many great markets to wonder around, you could easily spend a few days here.

We enjoyed cycling around taking in all the sites and got great panoramic views of the whole City from Piazza Michelangelo, a semi pedestrianised large square up a hill on the south bank of the Arno River with souvenir stands and nice surrounding gardens.

We stayed out until just after dark and enjoyed a spritz and brochette before cycling back to the van so we could take in a few sites at night and to enjoy the Christmas lights that glistened up the pretty old town streets.

Coordinates to the safe free parking; 43.783401 11.2194

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