We were really excited to arrive in Finland, the gateway to Scandinavia, however the ferry journey although fine for us, poor Charlie and Dizzee were very scared on the lower deck in the van, don’t think we will be getting any ferries again in a hurry.

After pulling over to take the dogs for a walk to calm them down, we drove towards Helsinki to find a place to park up to explore the city. We had been looking forward to visiting Helsinki, partly because of the name, but its just one of those places we really wanted to visit and we didn’t know why. We found a lovely park up on a kind of island on the outskirts of the city with several other vans, it felt safe and had lovely surrounds considering how close we were to the capital.

Helsinki is a unique city which appeared to almost be floating on the sea as it is surrounded by so much water and the following day we explored the city centre in the morning and then headed to the lakelands.

The lakelands are breathtaking, the moment we arrived, we witnessed an amazing sunset over a completely still lake and over the next few days we explored lake after lake in beautiful Finland. The country could almost be mistaken for being made up of thousands of islands rather than a land mass connected to the mainland. We drove past hundreds of mirror like lakes reflecting the sky as if the world had been turned upside down. The reflections are almost as sharp as the world above the water. We drove down so many incredible roads on small natural bridges straight through the middle of huge lakes, caught ferries where otherwise you would have to turn back and across arched bridges linking small picturesque islands. It is something we will never forget. After leaving the lakelands we headed to the coast, where the Baltic sea was just as still and beautifully calm but very cold!

We were pleasantly surprised by Finland and during our time there we found some awesome park ups, all set in pine forests on the edge of lakes with private beaches all to ourselves and it was always hard to leave. its fairly quiet with tourists compared to lots of other countries but it is well worth a visit and we will go back one day.

And one of the best parts of Finland was meeting our friends and fellow YouTubers, Joni ans Sara from Vantastic, we had a great afternoon catching up and chatting about Finland, it was lovely to hear some local knowledge from some friendly Fins!