We arrived at the last of the Baltics and were starting to get excited about going to Scandinavia but we couldn’t leave without seeing a few sights.

We had to get the dogs to the vets to sort out the required worming tablet to go into Finland and decided Tallinn would be the best place to do this. We were running out of time to see the Midnight Sun so decided we couldn’t detour to the west coast and some islands that had been recommended to us, they would have to wait until our next visit to Estonia.

On the way up through the centre of the country when looking for a place to stop for the night we found an incredible little hidden forest retreat. In the middle of nowhere there is a clearing with numerous places to park, with benches, fire pits and rustic bbq areas. There was also a traditional water pump from an underground well and a hut with 2 compost toilets, pre chopped wood and a cutting area, basically everything you could want. Unfortunately it was raining and there were swarms of mosquito’s so we couldn’t really go outside at all during our stay there, but in better weather conditions, this would be a great place to chill for a few days and it was completely free!

When leaving to head north for an extra little bonus we found the remains of an old fort to have a quick look around before continuing.

We arrived in Tallinn, visited the vets and booked our ferry, but couldn’t leave without exploring the touristy but beautiful historic capital. We had just enough time to visit the northern wild coastline and checked out a couple of picturesque waterfalls in the area too, definitely worth a visit.