Our first stop in this relatively small country had to be Copenhagen, the capital city and a city we had been really looking forward to.

After crossing the longest bridge we had ever been on (Oresund bridge) which joins Denmark and Sweden we found a park up by a marina which gave us great access to explore Copenhagen on our bikes.

The first place we visited was the Christiana district, a neighbourhood almost in the heart of the city which is in a world of its own. It’s like stepping into a festival of creativity. A district of rundown buildings and parks with amazing colourful graffiti works of art everywhere adding colour to the otherwise grey urban drab. Sculptures are amongst overgrown hidden gardens with marijuana plants growing freely. There are lots of cafes and art galleries, market stands selling all sorts, including multiple stalls selling a variety of weed! A very surreal experience, a little similar to Amsterdam. After wandering around the narrow alleyways we continued not much further to the main area, the famous street and canal with beautiful wooden boats and brightly coloured houses. After exploring the cities main streets and heading over to the famous Little Mermaid statue (very touristy and a little overrated), we headed back to the van to continue our journey through Denmark, as always pushed for time!

We had planned to visit a few cities in Germany on the way back south, so we decided not to visit any more in Denmark due to the lack of time. After some research we found that all the places we wanted to visit; cliffs in the mid south and the dunes in the north, were well off the route we were taking heading south so unfortunately after stopping for the night by some small lakes we left the country the following day.