September 2018

We left Slovak Paradise, and had a wonderful drive through the national park, up over the lush green hills and onto our next destination, the pretty lakeside village of Dedinky. We parked up opposite the calm, beautiful lake outside a small pizzeria, which was to be our base for the next couple of days. The village reminded us of a very small Hallstatt (Austria) with the pointed spire church, hills surrounding the town and the ever so tranquil lake.

We found a walk through the village that took us up the hill overlooking the area and passed many quaint wooded chalets into the national park. Unsure where the walk was going to take us but hoping for a nice view back down towards the lake. We continued to climb up and into a forest. The walk got considerable steeper and we passed some extremely retro one seat chair lifts that looked like they had been there for 50 years or more, obviously out of service and literally consumed by the surrounding tree canopy and vines. The forest had eaten them alive! We followed the old chair lift cable up through the enchanted forest before coming to a clearing, a huge grassy area with a restaurant/bar, lots of outside picnic benches and some goats and bunny rabbits in enclosures, rather strange we thought as it seemed to be in the middle of nowhere. There were lots of cycle tracks and hikes from this point too.

Charlie enjoyed trying to play with the goats through the fence and was getting very excited, especially when he seen his first ever bunny, it was quite entertaining watching him, and Dizzee was being his normal self and barking at them, abit apprehensive and scared. We decided to head back to the van afterwards as we’d been out for quite some time and although we didn’t get the view we hoped for, it was a really nice walk beneath the tree canopy and winding though the pretty forest.

We wanted to give the pizzeria some business as we were parking outside (and using their wifi) so we went for a beer and pizza, the pizza wasn’t great and took an hour and a half to arrive, we found this funny and enjoyed another 1 euro pint whist we waited.

After an evening stroll along by the lake, we noticed a river flowing away from one part of the lake, there’s no road or walkway by the river, so the only way to access it is by the water, we decided the following morning, we would get the kayak and go explore.

We woke up to an extremely misty morning and it was very atmospheric over the lake on our early stroll. We waited for the mist to clear before heading off on the kayak, leaving the boys behind this time as we knew the many ducks would get Charlie over excited. We paddled across the lake and down the river, with lovely surrounds of forested cliffs, along by the side of the rail track and under a couple of low bridges, the river goes quite someway and apart from a fisherman in his boat we were alone for the hour we were out. On our return in the centre of the lake a flock of birds performing an aerial acrobatic dance grabbed our attention for a while and we watched and enjoyed them swooping in all directions in the bright blue sky above.

Early evening we drove the van around the other side of the lake, where there’s another small village, quieter and smaller than Dedinky. This was the perfect opportunity for an evening dip, and afterwards we went for a little walk through the forest lakeside to look around. We got as far as the train track and a passing train came rushing by, apart from the train, it was like being in a ghost town and we didn’t see a single bit of life all night long. The following morning it was time to leave Dedinky, on the way out we found a little water fill up tap, constantly flowing by a pretty part of the lake, we filled all of our water bottles and enjoyed a last dip in the lake with the overly tame ducks before continuing our journey west.

Coordinates to the lovely lakeside location;  48.867156 20.381178

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