As we were just passing through Czech Republic on our way north this time, we only had 1 night, so we were limited on what we could see, as we headed in from Germany, Charlie became a little unwell, we pulled off the road and tried to take him for a little walk but he didn’t seem himself at all and had no energy, we were about 20 kms into the Czech Republic and after searching frantically online to find a vets, we pulled into the nearest town. we drove around to where google had sent us and finally found one. Thankfully Charlie seemed a little better by now and after trying to communicate with the guy in the vets (no English) we decided it was best for us to head back to Germany, we had a better chance there of getting Charlie the help if he needed it. He gave us a bit of a freight, but later that evening once we arrived back in Germany and stay near to a vet centre, Charlie was fine and back to his normal self playing chase with Dizzee.

The following day, after a good night sleep and Charlie completely back to normal, we crossed the border for our second attempt at the Czech Republic.

After a little research we decided we had to visit the beautiful little town of Loket perched on a hill with a pretty castle sat in the elbow of the river below. Had we had longer we could have spent the day here but after a quick walk and then cycle round we continued on.

It was a really hot day and we had planned to visit the colourful city of Kavlovy Vary hidden in the hills but due to parking issues and time we decided to continue onto the Bohemian Switzerland National Park.

After what seemed like a really long drive and on our 6th attempt to find somewhere to park up for the night, we finally arrived at the national park and settled down just after dark, down a tiny country lane in the woods.

The following day we explored the stunning national park and went on 2 hikes through enchanted forests with fantastic rock formations and exposed tree roots to a number of different viewing platforms with stunning views. We ended our drive through Czech by exploring the pretty village on the border where we found the stunning old Gas Works building before continuing on into Germany alongside the river.