Film Making Equipment

Below is the list of the camera equipment we use to make our Videos, its far from top of the range (in fact, its as budget as they get!) but if you have seen our videos, we hope you agree, it does the job!!


GoPro HERO7.  Great action camera for easy vlogging with amazing stabilisation and being an action camera, massive wide angle where everything is always in focus, no messing about.

MINI Drone.

DJI SPARK.  Our first drone and perfect for beginners, partly due to the price (half of the MAVIC PRO) so not so much of a dent in the wallet. Great little drone with some nice features. Takes good photos and video although no option for slo-mo and lacking some professional features of more expensive drones.  But small and lots of fun to use.

MAIN Drone

MAVIC PRO PLATINUM.  Fantastic travel drone and a great bit of kit.  Compared to our Spark, feels a lot more professional, packed with lots of extra features, flight patterns and FPS etc.  Flight time of 30 mins and the advanced RC connection technology was a hugh selling point for us, this means that you don’t have to worry about having to land in a hurry or losing connection.


Great budget DSLR for taking photos and video with a swivel lens to get some unique perspectives.

Our previous and first DSLR was the Nikon D60 which we got on our travels in Australia and had taken so many fantastic photos. As the 200mm zoom was still in good condition, we researched cheaper DSLR cameras and this NIKON seemed be a good option as we would still be able to use the 200mm zoom. We use this camera for certain close up video clips or artistic blurs which add a great aspect to our videos, it can be used for vlogging too, but is better for close ups and photos.

MINI Microphone

Fabulous little Mic, works great with the go pro and because its small, its no so much ‘in your face’ and obvious whist filming.


Handy little tripod, adjustable and grips really well to things like trees and railings, great for walk by style shots.

FUNKY Camera Strap

Adding a little colour to our camera bag!