October 2018

Driving towards the capital we were excited, but sad to be leaving Slovakia. Bratislava was to be our last stop here before heading into Austria. The Drive into the city was amazing as we had one of the best sunsets we had seen on the entire trip, slightly gutted we were driving on the highway instead of parked up enjoying watching the sunset with a glass of wine, but it was still nice as the sky was a beautiful orangery red all around us.

We already researched the place we were going to spend the night, it was a huge carpark, just across the river from the city, there were a fair few campers there already and a hive of other activity as it was early evening. The views over to the city were great and we soon realised this was a really good free stop to explore Bratislava. It was only a short walk and you were right in the centre, there was also a few restaurants very close by and two shopping centres, one across a big pretty park less than a km away and one just a short walk towards the centre, both really handy for going to use the bathrooms.

We woke up to terrible weather after a stormy night, it was windy and raining and really quite cold. We took our time and chilled in the van for a while as the weather was too bad to walk into the city. By the afternoon it hadn’t  stopped raining so we just went for it, wrapped up warm, we got the brolly out and headed into the city.

First stop as it was still raining, was for a quick afternoon beer, again in Bratislava it is very reasonable to drink out, so we made the most of it. We enjoyed having a look around the relatively small city and were surprised at how quiet it was, it just felt so relaxed and calm and it was like wondering around a small town rather than a capital city, but we quite enjoyed that aspect of it. We checked the weather and it had forecast to be alot better the next day, so we decided we would head back to the van for the evening and escape the cold and rain.

The next day, we woke up to a blue sky. After taking the boys to the park, they came with us to the shopping centre. It was their first experience in a shopping centre and the bright lights and shiny floor’s excited them. After lunch, we headed off, again with the boys, into the City for a look around as it was a much better day and everything looks better when the suns out. We had a nice walk along the river front and went to see the blue church that we missed the day before, This was very unique and it looked like it was made of marzipan and icing, we were glad we came back into the city just to see this. We sat and had another beer in the sun, before heading back to the van, enjoying the sunset over the river, from the bridge on the way back.

Coordinates to great parkup to visit Bratislava; 48.136799 17.114201 

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