August 2018

Our next destination was to be Werfen, we planned to do the Ice Cave tour as its the largest in the world and something completely different to what either of us had done before. On the way there we stopped off at a place called Bischofen where we planned to spend the night before waking up early and getting to the Ice Cave.

The town of Bischofen was pleasant and worth a wonder around, but the main attraction for us was an unknown waterfall, we followed signs and were pleasantly surprised as it was very pretty with lovely surrounds. We took a walk around and climbed some steps and a boardwalk to the top of the waterfall and continued through a pine forest walk over the other side. The following day we decided we would spend the day in the area and as the weather was so hot, we took a dip in the really cold pools of the waterfall to cool down, we really love to find this kind of  place, off the tourist trail, quiet, calm and we spent the night in the car park of the cemetery which was on top of a hill with lovely surrounds, water and a really clean public toilet, perfect for us.

Coordinates to Bischofen pretty parkup; 47.415024 13.215656

We arrived at Werfen a little late and decided we would save the Ice Cave for the following day. instead we visited Werfen Castle. We zigzagged up a hill to get to the castle as its perched on top overlooking the surrounding area. Its a fairytale looking castle and although we didn’t pay the entrance fee and go inside, we could still go part of the way in and explore the beautiful grounds that surround it. we were greeted by a large Vulture outside the castle walls and we wondered how and where this beautiful creature had come from.

We took a short drive in the afternoon to Gollinger Waterfall, which was very impressive, shaped like a dress, beautifully cascading over the rocks and again with lush, pretty surrounds. The spray from the main waterfall was divine, cooling us right down on another hot summers afternoon, well worth the couple of euros entrance. We drove back to Werfen to spend the night ready for the Ice Cave the following day.

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