June 2018

As we headed from the Spanish coast towards the Pyrenees, it didn’t take long for the temperature to drop as we slowly climbed to a higher altitude towards the mountains. The drive was pleasant as we passed by numerous Catalonia villages. We were overwhelmed by the fields suddenly turning red with the vast amount of wild poppies and couldn’t resist the opportunity of a small turn off the main road to take a closer look.

Although it was raining and a little overcast, the surroundings were beautiful, we had only ever seen small clusters of wild poppies before so loved the sight of fields full of them and enjoyed a little stroll in amongst the wild flowers. There were wild daises also dotted between the poppies and on further investigation, peas in their pods lay beneath it all! We couldn’t resist picking some for our supper before continuing our journey north.

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We were very happy to be leaving Spain for our first new country of the big trip, and although the rain and overcast conditions continued, the mountains of the Pyrenees were really starting to take shape and excited us as we approched them. The low clouds and misty atmosphere kind of added to the experience of our first glimpse of this terrific mountain range and we knew we would be in for even more of a treat when the weather cleared.

Andorra is such a unique little country sandwiched between Spain and France, a dramatic mountain pass in the Pyrenees and quite literally a country in a valley. Our first couple of days were dominated by rapidly changing weather with frequent downpours and mini storms. Although this wasn’t the ideal start for us exploring Andorra, it gave us the true perspective of the elements living high up in the mountains. We explored Andorra’s capital for a couple of hours, there is lots going on like any city and the traffic very hectic but it has a very pleasant old town, defiantly worth a wonder around the windy, cobbled alley ways and streets.

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In the short breaks between the storms and with glimpses of blue sky we ventured up the spectacular winding hairpin roads and were rewarded with stunning views down the valley and beyond.

We did a couple of hikes, one through a forest, a little strenuous but great for the dogs and also found an amazing view point with phenomenal views down the valley of the whole of Andorra Capital and beyond back towards Spain.

The Abandoned Sky Resort! 

We spent our last day and the best weather we had seen in Andorra at Grau Roig, a sky resort not far from the border with France. This time of year it was like it had been abandoned with most of the snow melted away and the whole place looking a bit run down, but with lots of hiking to do all around the area, we were soon surrounded by trees, streams and nature with not a ski lift in sight.

Our main reason for coming to the Ski Resort was so the dogs could get their little paws in snow for the very first time and we spent a good few hours hiking and having fun with the boys. We enjoyed the pockets of snow, little waterfalls and streams and the sight of all the new little shoots and greenery coming back now the ground had thawed out.

Coordinates to Grau Roig; (42.5324162, 1.7002186)

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